Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I am excited to announce that I have finally signed not one, but two children’s book contracts. I am illustrating books for Sky Pony Press (“Sophie’s Animal Parade", written by Amy Dixon) and Boys Town Press, both to be released in Spring 2015.

It took 4 years of constant work developing my portfolio, characters, and stories, networking, trips to NY to see publishers, trips to conferences, desperation, inspiration, taking paid illustration projects that weren’t necessarily fulfilling or moving my work forward, being both encouraged and discouraged by the success of my fellow illustrators, finding mentors, art directors/editors and illustrators who believed in my work and urged me to continue, frustration, leaving an agent who didn’t have the same vision for the direction of my work and artistic development, almost quitting many times, but coming back to the drawing board because of the pure love of illustration and story-telling even when it was hard to have any hope.

It feels good to finally be here.


  1. Katia --- That is so wonderful! Congratulations! Your work is really good and I am sure you will have great success with both your books :)

  2. Mimi will be very excited to see your illustrated books: ) All the best!